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September 4th-Friday Event: Friday, 9/23/16, 1:00-4pm with Hosted Reception, 4-5pm

Injecting Optimism and Resilience Building Strategies into the Therapy Setting with Sydney Ey, Ph.D.

Dr. Ey, a licensed clinical psychologist in the OHSU Resident and Faculty Wellness Program, provided cognitive behavioral therapy to children, adolescents and adults in private practice, taught undergraduate and graduate students in psychology, and now does counseling and workshops with medical residents and faculty at OHSU. Her research interests include the development and importance of optimism in youth and the evaluation of resilience building interventions with health professionals.

Resilience or the “ability to bounce back from stress” (American Psychological Association) is now a popular concept that is often discussed online, in popular college courses, and in many self-help books. Optimism or positive expectations about the future also has been identified as an important factor in healthy coping and longevity. But how does a therapist successfully address this client goal to be more hopeful and resilient while also dealing with pressing psychological concerns such as suicidal ideation, severe depression, anxiety or trauma? Isn’t it enough to focus on reducing the current distress.

In her clinical work with youth and adults, Dr. Ey starts with a cognitive behavioral therapy framework and weaves in research on positive psychology and resilience to assess client resources that can be utilized during treatment. When clients feel more hopeful, therapists feel more hopeful and engaged too! In addition, teaching clients new ways of coping with stress and modifying pessimistic attitudes towards hopefulness is an important part of most relapse prevention plans whether working with someone who experiences suicidal ideation, intense anxiety, or depression.
Attendees will learn about the latest findings on resilience building strategies to help clients (and themselves) to be happier and more effective in work and personal domains. The workshop also will include some clinical cases and experiential activities such as:

  • Using daily, brief activities to savor life, turn down the stress
  • Identifying and using one’s strengths in difficult times
  • Countering negative self-talk with self-compassion
  • Reducing worrying with CBT tools such as the “decatastrophizing pie” or scheduled worry time
  • Broadening coping skills through opposite action, behavioral experiments (to face what you avoid)
  • Drawing upon heroes/mentors for inspiration and guidance
  • Making meaning of stressful/traumatic events through writing, reflection
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$100 (3 CEUs); $150 (6 CEUs, full day)

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4th Friday Morning Event-September: Friday, 9/23/16, 9-12pm, 3 CEUs (full day with afternoon presentation on Optimism, $150, 6 CEUs)

The Nuts and Bolts of Clinical Supervision with Justin Farrell, LICSW

Justin Farrell is a graduate of Portland State University’s School of Social Work. He worked at Sea Mar Community Health Center in Vancouver, WA for over six years as a therapist and clinical supervisor. Additional work experience includes family preservation, shelter care, and residential treatment for children. He is currently the Clinical Director at Real Life Counseling Ministries in Vancouver. Licensed as a clinical social worker in Oregon and Washington, he has been providing licensure supervision for social workers and counselors in Oregon and Washington since 2009. He teaches as an adjunct faculty in the Social Work and Psychology departments at Concordia University. His courses there include seminars on Fatherhood and Community Mental Health as well as Social Work with Individuals, Groups, and Families. He has written several articles on family and parenting that have been featured in Vancouver Family Magazine and Idaho Family Magazine. He is also the author of the book, God and Grandpa: Lessons Learned on the Road Trip of a Lifetime.

Who would have thought a river could cause so many difficulties when it comes to becoming a licensed clinician? In Oregon, licensed social workers are LCSWs, in Washington, they are LICSWs. In Oregon, licensed counselors are LPCs, in Washington, they are LMHCs. If you thought the difference in letters was difficult to navigate, each state and discipline have different requirements for total hours, direct client contact hours, and supervision hours. Lewis and Clark probably had an easier time navigating the Columbia than many supervisors have trying to navigate the differing requirements for those they are supervising for licensure, while also trying to navigate what each state/discipline requires of supervisors. This course will clearly present the licensing requirements for social workers, counselors, and marriage and family therapists in Oregon and Washington.

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$100 (3 CEUs); $150 (6 CEUs, full day)

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The Nuts and Bolts of Clinical Supervision with Justin Farrell, LICSW

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